Wood Frame Sublimation transfer (59)

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Sublimation Transfer in various sizes.

These are sublimation transfers that are printed and ready to press using a heat press. You must use a HEAT PRESS to use these transfers. T-Shirts MUST be at least 50% polyester. These transfer cannot be used on 1000 % cotton shirts. T-Shirts with less than 60 percent polyester will have a faded, vintage look to them. These type of transfers dye the fabric and do not leave a heavy feel on the of the shirt .These type of transfers can only be used on white or light colored shirts ( we tend to use grays). You CANNOT use black shirts for this type of transfer. You can use other light colored polyester shirts such as pastels, but where the white is on the transfer will become the color of the shirt. Because the transfer becomes part of the shirt if you are using colored shirts you may see a difference in the color of the print. All measurements are approximate and will sized accordingly in the given space. If there is a custom size that you need please email us and we can accommodate your request.